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  1. Wait, Wait, Wait, ugh I'm still out in front!
  2. Movement vs. Mechanics
  3. SwingMechanics Vol 1l now on YouTube
  4. Balanced vs Endloaded
  5. Swing critique.
  6. Power Loss with Timing Change
  7. Hi new guy here
  8. Watch the pitcher!
  9. taking up switch hitting
  10. Can only hit to center field
  11. Legs!!!
  12. Hitting Slump grounders to SS
  13. Anybody ever feel like I do right now?
  14. T work
  15. Batting Critique?
  16. Check out MY video let me know what you think
  17. FeedBack on my swing
  18. Little November BP
  19. Always hitting the ball up the middle
  20. Feedback/tips on swing
  21. Hitting pop flys
  22. Swinging too early.
  23. Batting critique
  24. Bob Woldyk hitting tips!
  25. BP video breakdowns
  26. going opposite field
  27. advice on swing
  28. Super Freak BP...well sorta
  29. Slumpzilla
  30. Reebok Vector-O bp
  31. Took some bp yesterday
  32. Can't generate power
  33. More shat..
  34. 120 yard field goal
  35. How to hit slow arcing pitches?
  36. Help my swing....
  37. What do you do to prepare yourself before stepping to the plate?
  38. Lead Foot
  39. Guessing what kind of pitch is coming
  40. No video yet, but heres some pictures
  41. More BP swings - Slow pitch softball hitting
  42. Mine...
  43. Homerun Videos
  44. Is this even for real???
  45. My BP vid
  46. DSNuts48 Hitting Advice