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B4, B1, XL2, OG Blackout

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26oz B4 - Less than 50 swings. NR. No grip. - $110 shipped 28oz B1 - Returnable, no receipt. Very ...

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Default B4, B1, XL2, OG Blackout

26oz B4 - Less than 50 swings. NR. No grip. - $110 shipped
28oz B1 - Returnable, no receipt. Very good shape. Around 100 swings. Literally got this from stork on Monday. Never got a chance to swing it.. $115 shipped
28oz XL2 - Unknown number of swings. Doesn't hit too bad, but still feels like it could break in a little more IMO. Pretty good amount of field wear. Looks like it was just played on rough fields. No webbing or spirals or rattles. Taped grip. Returnable, no receipt. - $80
28oz Wanted USSSA - Returnable with receipt. Around 600 or so swings. Webbing and a few spots of tracking. There is one line of webbing that runs diagonally down the barrel, pictured here. I know it isn't a crack is because it's curved as it runs down the barrel. Definitely hitting well right now but lots of life left. - SOLD LOCAL FOR $90
26.5oz OG Blackout - Have had this since it was in mint condition. Had probably close to 1,500 swings on it, and a better part of those have been from my wife. Starting to get some webbing in a few different places. Bat is very hot and still has lots of life left. - $100 shipped
25 Maxload NRG 600 - NR. About 1,000 swings. Starting to web up nicely and has a little bit of a sand rattle to it and hits the ball well. 25oz are getting hard to come by. - $60 shipped - SOLD FOR $60

Not really looking for trades on anything and pretty firm on prices. Need money for upcoming Dr bills. Don't want to be ran broke for Christmas and tax time.

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