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6 for trade

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I have 6 bats I am looking to move. Not looking for anything specific if you are interested in something ...

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Default 6 for trade

I have 6 bats I am looking to move. Not looking for anything specific if you are interested in something make an offer worst that can happen i I don't take it. Would even consider 2 of mine for your one if it interests me will even consider nr. none of them have ever been returned and none of them have paperwork. prefer 27oz or 28oz would like utrip offers to have the new stamp. hopefully the videos work out ok if not let me know how to get them to you if there is something you want to see. Please pm offers I ship usps. can check feedback on softballfans under the same name just search it. click the pics and it should take you to a video of the bat.

27oz 2013 dc41 great shape. no cracks no endcap seperation a couple small pieces moving around inside.GONE[/COLOR]

27oz black & gold titan no cracks or endcap seperation. webbed up pretty good and a few small pieces moving around inside.

27oz og white toxic lots wear from the fields no cracks but a couple deep gouges from something 500 hits max

27oz og dictator couple scrapes on the taper 500 hits max other than the taper scrapes no issues.

26.5 Black & yellow blackout typical wear got it used and I am not really even sure it is broke in.GONE

28oz XEL OG combat B1 B1SP1 black knob, composite endcap, typical wear for a bat this old. no cracks or endcap problems.

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