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Michigan senior

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Evening all. New to the forum and wanted to say hi. Michigan born, raised, and will be put to rest ...

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Default Michigan senior

Evening all. New to the forum and wanted to say hi. Michigan born, raised, and will be put to rest here.
I helped form our senior center team /league a few years ago, and we now have 6 teams. We 60+ year olds are having a great time playing, although the injury rate is a bit elevated.
This year my team is sponsored by a funeral home. Go figure. At least our shirts are green, signifying we are still above ground.

This forum looks pretty interesting. I think I'll stick around for a while.

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Default Re: Michigan senior

Welcome sire glad to have ya and look forward to your seasoned points of view on and off the field.

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Just in case you were wondering. And my wife just reminded me of that.
Welcome bro!
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Welcome aboard. We are glad to have you.
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I played with an 80 team from Mi last Feb in the TOC. Great bunch of guys. Look forward to playing with them again.
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