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How do I go about getting on competitive teams?

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Im 25 years old and have been playing for ball for sometime now. With a minor break due to military ...

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Name: Seth
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Default How do I go about getting on competitive teams?

Im 25 years old and have been playing for ball for sometime now. With a minor break due to military service. We were just to busy, and its hard to play softball in Afghanistan.

The teams I have been on have been mostly filled with friends ( athletic or not ) and some of their friends. We do ok , but not nearly a competing team worth its weight n softballs.

I want to start being serious about softball. I am a decent defender ( LF ) but my strength is hitting. Last night I hit 4 bombs back to back. 2 at the end of one game and two at the beginning of the other. League rules limit you to 2 a game. I can pretty much hit HRs as I please with 300-350 fences. I know its not all about hitting the deep ball. I am able to get really good hits that advance runners or to get on base.

I think I'm good enough to play for some teams that could potentially win some championships but don't really know how to go about it .Im a very humble player so I don't run my mouth all through the park to get noticed like some players. I feel like I'm kinda underrated where I play. There are players that have teams all over them and want them to sub in every chance they get and I honestly feel like I am as good if not better than those players, but I don't boast at all. Im a very good sport who enjoys the game and like having a good time with my team and the other teams. I don't walk around as if I'm this god given gift to softball .In my opinion I believe I have the potential to play some competitive ball.

Any advice?

Also I am new this forum. I hope everyone has a great start to their weekend.

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Name: Jordan
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Do you guys play in any tournaments? If so, try to get to know some of the better teams. If not, go watch some. Hang out around the fields. Get to know some guys. Always bring your stuff, and if a team is short a player, offer to be a body that can fill in. You have to get yourself out there. Be seen. You want people to get to know you, and feel like they can trust you to be on their team. That or start your own team. The team I played on that was competitive, started as a bunch of misfits. We practiced. Had a couple older guys to keep the younger guys in check. Played in a few tournaments. Picked up a guy here and there as other teams folded, and before long we were placing at ASA C state. Egos eventually got in the way and the team folded, but it was fun while it lasted.
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Name: Kevin
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my name is Kevin trying to play in some tournaments, I play in bullhead city az trying to play more in vegas, ive been playing for a while just trying to get on a team. 928 219 1180 is offline   Reply With Quote

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