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Default RE: Booger help

My buddy just bought a booger about 5 months ago... It has 500+ hits on it and it just stinks... It hits like a log... I assume it's a reissue but have no idea.

We use Gold Dots and Trump Rocks and none of our other bats have a problem smashing the ball.

Bat's used: Miken Freak +, Psycho Supermax, Demarini One (Senior balanced, endload, ASA), Dudley lightning (senior balanced, endload), Worth Duo & this Booger... With all these bats, except the Booger, I hit 300+ consistently. With the Booger maybe 200 and nothing is impressive.

I don't know if this is just a bad bat or if there is some nuance that I haven't been able to pick up yet.

If this is a reissue bat is it still as hot as the original, or close to it? Does it take a ton more hits to warm up? Or should I just wrap this bat around a pole and use the warranty?

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