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Worth Legit

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Okay so playing a little scrimmage game yesterday at one of our city fields there was a guy hitting a ...

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Default Worth Legit

Okay so playing a little scrimmage game yesterday at one of our city fields there was a guy hitting a green legit, I have the exact same bat both were 26 oz. Mine is well broken in and hitting HOT right now and he has only had his for 1 month or so and its bombing way hotter than mine is. He let me hit it and its forsure hotter. He swears up and down that its not shaved but that his buddy bought the new miken ultra II 2 piece bat and resleeved his legit!!!!! is this possible? I know miken and worth are owned by the same company and are doing some cross over designs, like the 2 piece ultra 2 is built off the mutant ( from what i read). And i Know its possible to resleeve some of the other mikens with a ultra 2 sleeve but has anyone heard of the 2 piece resleeve? Just what we need is a people sleeveing these and then league will start banning 2 piece worths.

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Does it really matter? Either way he is a chicken shit.
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Yes its possible & will get you banned in a hurry. Not to mention expensive it cost 2 bats. Miken & worth are the notorious cheater sticks of choice for some reason.
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I see a compression test fail on the horizon.

Our league offers up these options
2 to 5 yr suspension for altering a bat
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Cheaters are everywhere. Not much you can do besides play a little harder.
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legit, ultra 2

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