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"Team" Bats

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Hey folks! Currently have a 2014 DeMarini Aftermath and 2015 Miken Freak Black Max, both of which are loved by ...

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Join Date: Sep 2014
Name: stephen
Location: tampa bay
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Default "Team" Bats

Hey folks! Currently have a 2014 DeMarini Aftermath and 2015 Miken Freak Black Max, both of which are loved by my co-ed team. You can imagine how much I absolutely love that a minimum of 50% of my team uses one or both of my bats on any given night (sarcasm). Question I have is, what are some good team bats? I wanted to get the team together (I'm the captain) and suggest pulling money together to buy 1 or 2 bats for everyone to use. As it's co-ed I need to take the ladies in to account. I was looking around and saw the DeMarini Mercy is a good option? Anybody have opinions/suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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Name: Duane
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Sorry Steve, actual softball discussions have pretty much dried up on here. I can't be of much help since my experience with composite bats is limited, and the guys who used to jump in on these questions haven't been heard from in a while. Obviously you need to look for the balance between durability and performance. Personal preferences come into play too, of course - which makes buying for a team more difficult. I'm sure you already know that though. Read all the reviews you can on bats you might be interested in - with an eye on durability. I don't think I would involve the whole team in choosing the bats. Paying for them, yes, but not picking them out. Narrow the choices after your research and have a couple of people help with the final choices.

I've been blessed to be able to buy several bats the past couple of years, and for the most part don't mind my teammates using them. I figure I won't wear them out myself, and if it helps the team, it's worth it. But only a couple of my teammates are using my bats, not half the team. I carry one of my bats strictly because one teammate hits really well with it. I don't use it because it's lighter than I prefer. I have told him I'm probably going to sell it in the spring and he gets 1st crack at it. At some point they have to step up and contribute.

Good luck!
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Name: Mark
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Default Re: "Team Bats"

I've run a couple of teams here in Syracuse for a few years now. I'm the one in charge of picking up our bats every year. We usually get our bats through fundraiser money from a bar that sponsors us. Running out and buying them yourself can get pretty expensive pretty quick. This is generally a good time of year to buy, a lot of stuff out there at decent prices. You could always try charging everybody an extra $15-20 for their league fee and putting it towards a bat or two. I would always say go for performance over durability. Personal preference. You will go through bats quicker but if you buy them a year older you can usually find em pretty cheap.

I'm a fan of the Louisville Z line. Durability on them isn't great. Being a coed team you should prob lean toward balanced or slight end load. A lot of Easton bats out there really cheap now. Right in the $100 range on most sites. They take forever to break in though.

Hope some of this helps - Good Luck!!!
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Join Date: Sep 2014
Name: stephen
Location: tampa bay
Posts: 32

Thanks guys!!! I appreciate the in-put. I will be bat hunting now!
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Join Date: Dec 2015
Name: Lee
Location: New York
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Thanks guys for nice tips!
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