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Semi-scientific bat comparison

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After 2 weeks of battling an overwhelming desire to buy another bat I don't need, I took several of my ...

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Default Semi-scientific bat comparison

After 2 weeks of battling an overwhelming desire to buy another bat I don't need, I took several of my current bats out to test against each other.

I'm 61 yrs old, about 6'2" 195. I play 3rd base on 2 men's teams with and against guys half my age, and in a co-ed church league that I oversee. Not your typical 61 yr old. I'm blessed. Up through my mid-50s I hit a lot of doubles, triples, and in-the-park homeruns, but was never really a true homerun threat. My point is, balls won't be flying over the fence, but I'm far from a slap hitter.

From around 2001 or so through most of 2014, I hit with 30 oz Worth Supercell and Supercell 2 bats. Love the endload, large sweetspot, and how you can feel the trampoline effect on contact. Very durable as well. I finally tried a teammate's Freak 52 in Aug 2014, & got a great hit. A few days later, I had a new 30 oz '14/15 Miken Psycho Supermax ASA. 2 weeks later, I bought a new 30 oz Miken Geno Buck M Nation, also Supermax & ASA. I liked the feel of the stiffer M Nation over the Psycho, and relegated the Psycho to bp and church league duty. The Psycho took 6 hits to feel different, but didn't seem to progress much after that, although I did notice one day in Aug 2015, it suddenly sounded different and the balls started going farther. I didn't hit well enough this summer to pay it much attention. Meanwhile, it took about 700 hits for the M Nation to wake up, and the last 100 of those hits were with new .44/375 balls which really made a difference. I've hit a few rounds off the tee with the .44/375s recently, and now it sounds different and the balls are going farther. Still no cracks or webbing on either bat.

Yesterday, Oct 19, 2016, I took the Psycho with roughly 1200 hits - mostly hitting worn out .52/300s , the M Nation with about 1700-1800 hits - also mostly hitting worn out .52/300s, the Carl Rose Supercell 2 that I used in 2014 - it had very little use before that, and my well used Team Lighthouse that has probably 300 games plus practices on it using .47/500 Blue Dots and .44/375s in weather ranging from 20* F to 100*, out to hit off the tee. I had 20 .52/300 balls that are in good condition, and hit 2 rounds alternating bats. It was 69 degrees with a 10 mph wind blowing to left. Shadows across that part of the field made it easy to tell where the balls were landing.

I expected the Supercell 2 to be right behind the M Nation and ahead of the Psycho for distance, but the 3 bats were dead even. The 3 longest hits were 1 off each bat that hit the fence at around 290' on 3 or 4 short hops. Wind-aided for sure, but the line drives were only a few feet shorter than the well hit fly balls. This confirms what I really knew all along. I've spent a lot of $$ on bats I didn't need to get the same performance. I was really surprised the Psycho hit that far, and that the Lighthouse was close behind the other 3 despite all the use and abuse it's had. I have 2 more Supercell 2s that seem livelier than the one I used here. One is a 28 oz, and the other a 30 oz that has a flat spot, so they don't get used much. Also a 30 oz Freak NXT with maybe 300 hits.

And about that urge to buy another bat - the 2015 Worth Sick 454 I bought the day before I did this comparison should be here Saturday, just in time for the last game of the year Sunday.

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