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I know there is a lot of forums on here about bats. but heres another one. t start of I ...

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Join Date: Sep 2014
Name: nick
Location: missouri
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Default new bat

I know there is a lot of forums on here about bats. but heres another one. t start of I play in a asa nsa league and use 400 compression 44 core balls. im looking for a new bat for next season. I got desent power not great bat speed, ill hit a 15-20 hrs I a season I don't play a lot. im just looking for a good bat with good pop with the balls we use. n I not looking for a dirty bat by no means. we got a jeff hall 454 I think a 2012 model its black and pink its realy hot now. then one of the other guys on the tea just bought the 2015 miken psycho its a nice bat out of the wrapper and he also bought a Easton b 3 nice bat but didn't like the grips. but I want my own bat and I was just curious what ur guys opinions were thanks.

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Join Date: Feb 2013
Name: Phillip
Location: Berliner Park, Columbus
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of the bats you swung which did you like? what weights? balanced, end load, or mid load ASA changed testing if you play both may need 2 bats.
its your money to spend, spend it on a bat "you" like and grips can be changed.

that said I prefer a 34/30 heavy endload but have a 2012 Miken Superfreak, I am not a power hitter unless we have 60mph winds blowing out.
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Join Date: Sep 2014
Name: nick
Location: missouri
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Default Newbat

if I could find the newer version of the 2013 454 reload usssa bat I would buy it. I haven't swung and enloaded bat but once so im not sure about that. but out of the two new bats I like the 2015 miken psycho better. but theres just so many options out there and I just don't know enough bout it.

but side note Im going to a home run derby in a few weeks there using red dot balls. ive not hit red dots before, so I was just curious what would be the best bat to use.
2013 worth jeff hall reload usssa, 2015 miken psycho, 2015 Easton b3, and 2013 worth jeff hall reload asa
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Join Date: May 2013
Name: Clint
Location: Williamsburg, VA
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FYI both of those Jeff Hall bats that you're referring to are endloaded. If you like those, try the new Worth Sick. // SICK HD52 Jeff Hall Reload ASA Slowpitch Bat // SICK 454 ASA Resmondo Max-Load Slowpitch Bat

Don't pay MSRP, there are lots of places to get better prices.
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Name: Duane
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I recently purchased a 30 oz 2015 ASA Psycho Supermax. It's a great line drive bat, but I'm not sure there's more distance left to show itself. It has about 160-170 hits on it, mostly off the tee and self-toss. Took about 6 hits off the tee to open up.

I also bought a 28 oz 2013 ASA Freak NXT Supermax with about 100 hits on it. It's around the same # of hits as the Psycho now, mostly off the tee. It has a more solid feel than the Psycho, hits about the same distance, but it feels like it will get hotter. A teammate used it in 3 games last week and hit like it was made for him. Being a 28, I'm getting around too early with it, but I like the way it feels.

*** These are my 1st composite bats, so I'm certainly no expert.

The Supermax is Miken's heaviest endload, but it's still not all that much compared to other bats. Feels more like the Demarini F375, which feels balanced compared to the Worth Supercells I'm used to.

Some teammates have new Eastons, and the stock grips are a bad joke. But that can be changed. I like to use overgrips for tennis rackets to add size and cushion. Cheaper than bat grips, too, and come in more colors.
34/30 Club
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