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lawsuit??? and ban

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Posted by INVESTIGATOR on August 30, 2007, 1:49 am I have some inside information, from a very reliable source, ...

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Default lawsuit??? and ban

Posted by INVESTIGATOR on August 30, 2007, 1:49 am

I have some inside information, from a very reliable source, that a Class Action Suit may be coming very soon agianst EASTON, MIKEN, WORTH, MIZUNO, & DEMARINI for neglegence in protecting a PATENT product from being altered and illegally used. I know the first arguement is going to be, well what can these companies do, we just sell them. It is not that simple, and from my source, I hear that we could see a nation wide ban on all composite bats in all aspects of baseball, slow pitch softball, & fast pitch softball. This isnt just a slowpitch thing.
Now from what I have gathered, and this is nothing concrete yet, but I hear that several bats are being bought undercover by a certain AGENCY, and the bats are being or have been inspected, plus the people who are involved bat shaving, rolling, or end loading are under investigation as well. I know that there are several people involved in bringing this lawsuit into affect, from where I do not know, but I do know there could be a Federal inquiry into everything.

I have also heard that, several organizations are going to be included into the lawsuit as contributors the use of illegal bats...Now I can only assume that it means USSSA, ASA, & NSA...but again it is only an assumption.

The topper is that the Director's who have knowningly turned their head to this, made be held personally liable, plus any player who knowingly uses or has in possession, a juiced bat, will be held liable, as well as all the aforementioned companies and organizations.

This is a real possiblity, better pucker up because if it is true, it could get ugly.

Am I suprised? NO, but will anything come of it, I dont think so because we are talking about BILLIONS of dollars...

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