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Having fun vs competitive

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I'm a competitive person and love to have fun playing softball too but playing with 3 teams you get to ...

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Name: Blane
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Default Having fun vs competitive

I'm a competitive person and love to have fun playing softball too but playing with 3 teams you get to see a little bit of everything. One team I play for has some talent and a couple that have never even seen a softball but when we play we have fun treat each other with respect and we win games another team I play for is a very competitive team people get mad at each other cuss each other over things that are just gonna happen if u play the game and the ones that do the cussing and hollering have there suck moments too, this team couldn't win a game if they payed us. I was just wondering how everyone else's teams were an the outcome of your seasons I think it's funny how this works(sorry for rambling lol)

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I oversee a co-ed league hosted by my church. I'm also player/manager for a men's team in the city rec league, and a player only for another men's team that's managed by the pitcher for both teams. The two men's teams have morphed together over the last 3 years so that 9 of us play for both teams.

The church league is strictly for fun. We were taking it too seriously at one time and needed to dial it back. For that reason, we don't officially keep track of wins and losses (but I can tell you my team has lost just twice).

The men's team I manage is partially sponsored by my church even though most of the guys don't attend. Most of them either do or have played in our co-ed league though. Everyone has bought into the idea that we want to win, but we're gonna do it the right way. We get along really well and have fun. Our record is currently 5-7.

After the team above plays early Sunday, we come back and play later in the day as the other team with the intention of being somewhat more competitive. We all seem to play better the second game of the day, and our record is 7-5 in the later league. We've really struggled with our hitting both early and late. Both teams could have a couple more wins if we had hit.

All in all, I think we've found the right balance (for us) between winning and having a good time.

I used to be on a team that played 100+ games a year, won the ASA B state championship one year, finished 2nd in the state and advanced to the national championship tourney another year. That year we played about 3 tourneys a month, and won or finished 2nd in all but the Nationals. We got along well and had a good time - for about 4 yrs. We had a down year - made it to State, but didn't advance. A couple of guys thought they were better than the coach and took most of the guys and started their own team. I guess winning 80% of our games at a very competitive level wasn't good enough anymore.
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I have never understood why more guys can't do both. I have always said that I play to have fun but it is more fun when you win. Cussing at teammates isn't being competitive. Being competitive is playing hard. I understand the intensity that comes with competitiveness but that intensity should be channeled into the game not into being an ass.
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I play on several teams. I’m not wasting my time playing with douche bags on my team though I’ll just find another hobby. Honestly though all the asshole-ness doesn’t really apply to me, because of my size not to mention my best friends size I play with. People usually like to run their mouth at someone they feel is weaker than they are.

It’s just like anything else if you screw up admit your wrong and do what you can to correct it. Everyone is going to have a bad night just don’t make it a habit. Repeated warning track hr attempts and throwing the ball to home when you have no chance while the other runner advances are my pet peeves. I’ll approach someone with respect though and try to talk civilly. I’ve played against teams that are total douches, but that’s usually due to more confidence than athletic ability.
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i'm pretty much surrounded by assholes everywhere i play, so i just strap on the latex and go balls deep
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I play 3xs a week if your a douche on my team I work on your ego, and keep a stat sheet on errors so when you shit talk a team mate. man hows home life you have 6errors in the last 2 games something wrong "you hurt gotta be normally you get that" coach wouldnt let me use this one"I hear before you had your implants you could play."

Other team dbags I try and get in blues ear in front of the catcher with stuff like "you know if a fight starts over this its your butt in a sling becuase you didnt toss em right" on rare occasions I get to make a hard slide and maybe nickem up a little(my favorite.)

most people dont mess with me, a bit of crazy pops out every once in awhile when im not aware.
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