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Have you ever...

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Had someone from the other team tell you something that stuck in your memory after a game. Mine after getting ...

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Default Have you ever...

Had someone from the other team tell you something that stuck in your memory after a game.

Mine after getting CRUSHED by Worthington Steel(industry not sure long time ago) in the mid 90's

3rd stopped me in the good game line and said this
Congratulations you gave me my first throwing error in three years, made me hurry my throw to first, your a quick little shit. no malice and he shook my hand still dont know who the heck it was.

To his credit if his throw hadnt been off line high think it would have been a 50/50 call from the ump.

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My second year of playing ball, the Lc come walking in bitching at his after we had a huge inning. He yelled at his pitcher for giving up 2 grannys in 1 inning. Both to me. I remember them arguing over my bat.. b52... next time up... I got "no more of that shit kid. Take your base."
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Last Sunday after our game, the pitcher for the other team was waiting for me to leave the dugout. Odd because I don't know him. He asked if I'd be interested in playing in a 50+ league next year. It probably won't work out scheduling wise, but it felt good to be asked.

1st baseman for a team we've played against for years told me a few weeks ago that he hates to see me come up to bat because I can hit it anywhere.

A few years ago I had a violent collision at 2nd base when the runner and I (SS) both veered to the inside. (We're good friends and teammates now). This was on a Thursday. Ribcage hurt something fierce Fri. Sat a.m. something popped and then it REALLY hurt. Wasn't going to play Sunday, but we only had 10 and no one else who could play SS. 75% of everything the other team hit was easy grounders hit right at me. It was all I could do to bend over to field the ball and lob it to first. After the game somebody said "Man you were fielding everything!" I said, "If you had hit a foot to either side you would have been safe, 'cause I couldn't have gotten it."
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Not from the other team, but our team would always say "grab your gloves" when I was up. Silly guys.

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