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What is the best grip for slow pitch to get the most whip but control. Knob cuff? I tape all ...

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Name: Randy
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Default Grip

What is the best grip for slow pitch to get the most whip but control.
Knob cuff?
I tape all bats with athetic tape

Just curious what works for who and what to try in bp thanks.

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Name: CB
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It’s all personal preference to be honest.

Myself I use a thin piece of athletic tape so I get more feedback with a reg knob cuff, but others like stock. Grip wise technically you need to line your door knocker knuckles up…again I’m more comfortable with a traditionally baseball style grip. I’ve tried dropping a pinky to the knob, but any further than that & feel like I’m going to sling the bat out in the field.

You’re just going to have to try some things & see what works for you. Tons of youtube videos etc to look at
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Before messing my hand up, I dropped the pinky and rested my ring finger on the knob. It made a noticable difference. I normally just used a stock grip but didn't mind a thin tape grip.

Now, I use a knobcuff and can't drop any fingers. I also use spray adhesive on the grip to be able to hold it looser.
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Name: Phillip
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for me
Righty- standard baseball
lefty- 2 hand overlap on the knob rarely bat left tho like maybe once a season
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Name: Harry
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Overlap grip with a grip n rip...
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Thin grip gives a great combo of loose hands for whip and feeling for control. Dropping a pinky on each hand gives more whip while maintaining control. I finally just went to a pinky drop and full overlap and it's a big change. I'm hitting the ball much harder but I think it's cause you have to be aggressive with the overlap, you're control comes through pulling the knob where you want and the bat snaps through in a much more natural faster way.

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Name: Daniel
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I use knob cuff and construction gloves with a two finger drop and full overlap on top. Drive your shoulder to where you want the ball to go and no matter what grip you use the ball will go there.
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not everyone can control the overlap grip. basically what works for you and is the most comfortable. try different styles and see what works.
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