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Any LD or TD interested in a Wood Bat Slow-Pitch Softball

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Default Any LD or TD interested in a Wood Bat Slow-Pitch Softball

Wood Bat Slow-Pitch Softball Association
Project to start in 2014
Preliminary and proposed plans and rules:
Wood or Bamboo Bats only
Basic Adult Slow-Pitch softball rules will apply unless stated.
Bat Barrels’ cannot exceed 2.25 inches and cannot be more the 34” in length.
Pitching Arc is 3’ – 12’.
Pitcher must have one foot in contact with pitching rubber when ball is released.
Balls for Wood Bats for tourneys will be .44/375 compression Optical ball. 12” Ball will be used.
Full Ball and Strike count. No extra foul ball. Foul ball with 2 strikes is batter out.
Teams must have at least 9 players to start game and to finish.
If player is ejected spot in lineup is an out, next batter starts with 2-2 count. (If substitute is not available.)
Player injured spot in lineup is not an out, but next batter starts with 0-0 count. (If a substitute is not available.)
No base stealing.
Player must be 18 or older to play.
Courtesy runners allowed. Ruling: Last out last inning, one per inning.
Bases paths can be 65’ or 70’ with dual base at 1B.
3 Divisions
Upper Division, Middle Division, Lower Division
Example below how teams will be classified if registered with a association.
Upper Division will be for teams that are classified C and D teams in USSSA and ASA B and C teams.
Middle Division will be for teams classified in USSSA D and E and ASA D teams.
The Lower Division will consist of teams ASA E or Lower and USSSA E-Recreational or lower and teams true Recreational teams to compete.
Wood Bats bring a comparative for teams in each of these Divisions for competitive games.
Home Run Rule:
Upper Division:
One allowed, HR per inning. Second ball hit over fence during same inning batter is awarded 2 bases, runners advance 2 bases, and Third ball hit over fence during same inning batter is out, inning ended.

Middle Division:
One HR allowed per cycle of lineup. Example starting with lead-off hitter to the last hitter in line-up only 1 HR allowed. When the original lead-off hitter comes up again team can hit another HR. Any balls over the fence after are outs until cycle or line-up is complete.
Lower Division:
Home Runs Allowed. 1 HR per team in 7 innings, Extra inning games will be allowed 1 more HR per team per 7 innings.
Roster and wavier form will be used for all Tournaments. Each player must sign and print name. Proof of ID will be required to play and maybe required at any time during tourney play.

Maximum roster will be 15 players for tourneys

The Wood Bat Softball Association will do a full reimbursement of entry fee and or travel money to the winners. Travel money will be based on number of teams in tournament. The higher Division your team plays in bigger the reimbursement and travel expense to the winners. Host for the tourney will receive compensation for hosting tourneys. All reimbursements and compensation will be based on the number of teams in tourney after all expenses are covered. Example: Umps, balls, insurance or any use of field cost.

Entry fees to tourneys will be based on what Division your team is playing.
Upper: $200 Middle: $175 Lower: $150
The entry fees are subject to change based on tourney host.
The higher up you play the bigger the reimbursement is for winning it all.

Please feel free to comment this is just a proposal if any LD or TD are interested

Enjoy this game as long as you can. 31st season.
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