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Advice needed

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Default Advice needed

Hi all -- new member to the forum here!

I'm captaining a team in my company's annual co-ed softball tournament this weekend, and am looking for advice as it pertains to a couple of items --

1) We will be using 'offensive' pitchers (i.e. you pitch to your own team), meaning the defensive team is allowed to place the 'extra' infielder, in lieu of the pitcher, where they see fit. Where is the best place to position him/her? I was thinking somewhere between the pitcher's mound to just behind the 2nd base, though I'm not sure how their visibility down the middle will be affected by the other team's pitcher.

2) Is it more advantageous to pick being the home or visiting team, if we win the toss, based on the following rule?

5. Time Limits: No new inning will start after 0.45 hours with a 55 minute “drop dead” rule. If drop dead is called and the visiting team is in the lead, the score reverts back to the last inning completed. If it appears to the umpire that a team is purposely is delaying the game to reach drop dead status, the umpire can speed up the game by calling players out or declaring a forfeit after issuing one warning. We will sound an air-horn notifying teams of the 45 minute mark. In addition, a second horn will blow at the 55 minute mark. If the game is still in progress at the sound of the second horn the game ends at that moment.
• There is no time limit for the championship game. The maximum innings for a completed game is six (6), unless the game is tied, in which case, the game will continue until there is a winner.

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Definitely home team. As for defense, I would basically run a 5 man but you will still have 4 outfielders. For the girls, I would scoot the SS and 3B way in and basically move the MI to a shallow rover to cover the bloop hit or cover second if a runner is on first and the SS has to field a slow roller.
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