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Join Date: Aug 2006
Name: Chezz
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Default Techzilla/RockeTech/EastonCV12

OK, I've come to me sences, now looking at metal.

I'm not a big fan of the demarini line so maybe I'll try something differant.

Thoughts on any of the following?
Easton CV12

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Name: Nate
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ive got a techzilla CK and its a metal bat. it has a super small knob on it. should be right up your alley. if you put a knobcuff on it it pretty much disappears. performance is about the same as any metal bat. i swing it once every three years when i go to danbury.
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Name: Harry
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I have a rocketech. Not great, not bad imo. Mine is a little end loaded and I prefer balanced. Which is why my favorite double wall is the orange f375.
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