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Default Demarini breaking

Ive been going through Demarinis like crazy. I had a Demarini One.12 at the beginning of last year, the knob broke just outside of warranty timeframe right before the season started, so I replaced it with an original flipper... which lasted half the season. Warranty replacement was a new flipper aftermath which after returns and shipping went through, only saw a couple games last season, then broke halfway through this season.

Ive been batting with Demarini for years! Seems just lately in the past couple years the durability has really dropped. Anybody else have a similar experience?

I contacted Demarini but they're being rather difficult and it seems the customer service is lacking too, seeing how when I sent my flipper AM in they said they would treat it as a regular warranty even though it was clearly marked "no return". I clarified that with the rep before paying to ship it. Talked with them after they received it and they said its been too heavily used to replace, but when they shipped it back the paperwork in the box with the bat said it was rejected because it was a "no return" bat.....

Ill probably move onto a different bat company, but I was really curious if this was an isolated experience.

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