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Rip-It Reapers

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Anyone hit these yet? What about some reviews....

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Default Rip-It Reapers

Anyone hit these yet? What about some reviews.

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i didn't like it....small sweet spot ....average at best
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Default My Reaper Review

I hit with mine this weekend. I have a 27oz USSSA version. It weighed 27.2 oz and is slightly heavier then my OG Freak and 1st batch EL DaBomb. The barrel is also a little smaller, about 12 inches with a nice sweet spot.

Hit a mix of BP balls most were old, a few new Shark and Evil balls. Was hitting on a 300 foot field. I placed cones at 280 and 290. The bat was stiff out of the wrapper. The first 30 were landing in the 275 to 285 range. The next 30 were all between 280 and 290. The last 30 were between 290 and the 300. Hit only 2 out in first 90 swings. The bat felt real good, nice line drives and great exit speed off the barrel. I like the way the bat fits my swing, very smooth through the swing plain. Had no trouble hitting the sweetspot consistently.

I took a 10 minute break before I hit the last 20. After 3 hits, I heard a crack sound and the ball cleared the fence by 10 feet easy. Out of the next 16 swings, 6 cleared the fence with ease, 5 hit the fence and the rest were nice 290 line drives.

I hit 20 with my Freak and 20 with my DaBomb. Hit 6 out with the Freak and 8 out with the DaBomb. I think I was a little tired. The Freak and DaBomb were easily 15 to 20 feet further then the Reaper, but those bats have a ton of hits on them. I think the bat performed well. It took about a 100 hits to loosen up, probably needs another 100 to be perfect. Looks like Rip-It has a winner on there hands.
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Now that's what I'm talking about. That's a review. Let's get some more like that up here. I know you guys have a ton of bats because I've seen the Arsenal thread. Let's start posting them up here when we have a chance.
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