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best sunglasses for softball/baseball?

This is a discussion on best sunglasses for softball/baseball? within the Other Manufacturers forums, part of the Softball Equipment category!
Most peopl seem to like the Multi lens Vinci's, I cant wear them cause Pete wont get me my prescription ...

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Most peopl seem to like the Multi lens Vinci's, I cant wear them cause Pete wont get me my prescription in them


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Oakley is a big name when it comes to good sunglasses makers . It always produces best products . It has variety of alternatives . Like most all Oakley brand sunglass products they offer superior protection against such things as the sun’s harmful UV rays. They do a great job of cutting down glare when playing games in them and they wrap totally around your eyes so light is kept from coming in from any angle.I have Oakley Mens Radar Ev shield . If you lıke half jacket I can easily advice Oakley Men's Half Jacket 2.0 XL Iridium Sport Sunglasses . These are a really good looking and durable sunglass product. They get their durability from being made of a lightweight yet solid composite plastic material. These sunglasses are not only durable and lightweight but they are also very comfortable when they are on.
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