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Singles vs. Home Runs in Slow Pitch

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I have played, coached, and pitched in several slow pitch leagues. I just cannot quite fathom how often batter insist ...

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Question Singles vs. Home Runs in Slow Pitch

I have played, coached, and pitched in several slow pitch leagues. I just cannot quite fathom how often batter insist on trying to get home runs in slow pitch. Most of the time, they pop up, strike out, or fly out. When I was playing regularly, I was batting about .900 just by hitting singles every time at bat and I am not a spectacular athlete. What gives? Fast pitch is a different matter. It can require a lot of skill just to get a piece of the ball and "aiming" to gaps is a lot more difficult. But why do so few teams have the discipline to hit one single after another?

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I agree completely. The answer to your question is simple. These people value their ego more than the success of the team.
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Absolutely ^^^^. I am very patient at the plate and avg a walk per 2 games. Through addition that puts me at about a true .600-.650 on base average. If I was selfish my avg. would likely about 500. With that said my patience also gets me swinging on better strikes thus better chance of success. Maybe it's because I pitch/coach but the guy who hits 3/4 singles doubles is way more valuable than 2/4 with 1 homer and single IMO.

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After our first game this season, I e-mailed my team about this very thing. Several guys were swinging for the fence like we do in practice. Several new bats helped guys hit farther (in practice) than they had been. Guys were taking huge uppercuts. 2 of them popped up in front of the pitcher! I was guilty my 1st at bat - not of the uppercut, but of trying to hit the ball deep. I changed my grip and swing over the winter and my bat was just getting hot, and I wanted to see if it worked in the game. I realized immediately what I had done, and hit line drives the rest of the day. Fortunately, the guys took what I said in the e-mail to heart. We still had fly balls the next week, but they weren't intentional.

My brother said it sounded like the Rockies - everybody's trying to hit a 5 run home run.
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