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Question Advice on single-wall bats?

Looking to get a single-wall bat to use in a coed league starting up in January. I've done some research already, but would appreciate some advice (sorry in advance for the numerous questions!) before I proceed any further.

First, some background -- I'm 5'10" and about 140lbs, and mainly hit line drives. I got the
Easton SP13L6 L6.0 Composite (34/27) Easton SP13L6 L6.0 Composite (34/27)
at the beginning of this year and have been enjoying it so far. However, since it's a composite, I obviously can't use it in the coed league.

The coed league says only single-wall bats listed on this site are legal, though I'm not sure how up-to-date the site is (more on that below).

Based on my research so far I'm possibly interested in the following bats --

1) Easton SP13L9 L9.0 1) Easton SP13L9 L9.0
2) DeMarini Ultimate Weapon 2011 DXUWE 2) DeMarini Ultimate Weapon 2011 DXUWE
3) DeMarini Ultimate Weapon 2014 WTDXUWE-14 3) DeMarini Ultimate Weapon 2014 WTDXUWE-14
4) DeMarini Ultimate Weapon 2015 WTDXUWE-15 4) DeMarini Ultimate Weapon 2015 WTDXUWE-15

So now my questions --
  1. Why is the Easton SPL13L9 so much more expensive (about 50% more) than the DeMarini Ultimate Weapons? Is it really that much better?
  2. What are the differences between the 2015, 2014, and 2011 DeMarini UWs? They all seem to be around the same price...
  3. I mentioned I like the 27oz end-loaded Easton SP13L6 L6.0; assuming 27oz isn't an available option for my single-wall choice, would 26oz or 28oz represent the next closest feel?
  4. The 2015 DeMarini UW isn't listed as an approved bat on the bat list above, but I assume it is because the list just needs to be updated?
  5. I read in another thread that DeMarini bats tend to not last very long, especially if you're sharing with the team -- how much less lifespan are we talking about here?
  6. Are there any other bats I really should be considering?


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