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Here's a review I did a few weeks ago after 4 hours of BP hitting several Senior bats...

Miken Triad Senior - 28oz, not very enloaded but didn't feel balanced...smaller sweet spot than some others but it was new out of the wrapper when we started...has a weird tinny sound which muffled a little after every round, you can kinda feel the ball hitting the barrel, like stiff but for a weird reason you could still feel the barrel actually absorb the ball, hit some killer knuckleballs and when you hit the sweetspot, which opened a little as we went along, the ball flew, height was "Miken" like...

Monsta Fossil Senior 2 piece - 26oz slight enload - if this bat was a 28oz, it would be my bat of choice or at least top 2-3...soft, flexy feel with nice sweet spot and killer line drives with a few crazy knucklers mixed in...maybe because of the weight, it seemed too light for me, but the line drives I was hitting were absolutely killer...I like this bat...

Miken Ultra Special Edition 28oz Maxload (this is the one that starts black at handle and turns gray up to the endcap and doesn't say Ultra II) - has a nice endload to it and this bat had only a few hits before today - after a few balls this bat was STUPID HOT compared to the other Senior bats we had tested today...I friggin LOVE this it from westtexas and it will be my gamer for 50+ end of story, sick knuckleballs when struck square, insane line drives when you tomahawk high pitches and when it was time to tee off, WOW, love it to OG Ultra like with high flying killer bombs and a sweetspot which is great...

Miken Ultra 2 White 2 piece & 1 piece, the Combat Centarian (white) and Centarian (black) - these kinda felt OK, each had a similar swing weight (27oz) and all hit the ball very well (all senior bats seem crazy to me) and the broken in Centarian (black) felt so much to me like the Combat Snake DaBomb Original and felt really comfortable and hit the best of the Ultra 2's and Centarians...

Worth Senior Legit 27oz - if this bat was a 28oz there's NO doubt it would have been equal to the Ultra Senior SE I liked so much...not a spongy 2 piece feel but I hit a few balls I thought I miss hit that were disgusting long and far, maybe because if you cut the ball it kinda grips better than the others but I actually hit the furthest shots with the Legit and scorched a few linedrives at the net that were insane...I'm getting one of these for sure...if you haven't hit one GET ONE, the bat really is crazy insane...

Reebok Silver and Red Melee Legend 27oz - bat was so game ready I only took 10-12 swings but of those swings every single ball was scorched, when these things are "game ready" they are top 5 easily...

My ranking based on what I swung:

Miken Ultra Special Edition Maxload 28oz
Worth Senior Legit 27oz
Miken Senior Triad 28oz
Monsta Fossil Senior 26oz/Reebok Melee Legend 27oz
Combat Black Centarian
Ultra II 2 piece (white barrel)
Ultra II 1 piece black/red barrel (not the OG one)
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