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Default Turning 50, Senior bat advise?

I'll be turning fifty in '14 and looks like I'm going to play a lot of senior ball. Getting on a team that plays a lot of tourney's. I picked up a Juggy Geezer, looking to get a new end loaded Melee, and want to pick up an Ultra II. I think I've figured out the Melee to get, the yellow on silver one. There is a ton of different Ultra models out there though and I don't know which to get, heard some batches and/or models are duds. So which Miken to look for and am I leaving out a "must have", "best senior bat"? Thanks

ASA bats that felt the best to me are 28oz RD28, 27oz Recoil 250, & SCX3 28oz, and my 27oz green flipper for the .52's.
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